Mint Scream

cartoon ghost

About the Game:

Mint Scream is a 2D, multi level, scrolling game that includes animated sprites and parallax backgrounds. Built from scratch with only HTML5 Canvas, CSS, and JavaScript.

How to Play:

To rid your mansion of monsters, simply click on the enemy before they reach the edge of the screen. Destroy 10 monsters per level.

Video Demo:

The demo shows level 1 one ghost being killed and one sneaking past and reaching the edge of the screen which triggers the game to end.


simple white cartoony ghost

Name: Garvey Ghost

Appearance: Level 1

Garvey Ghost is often seen as shy because he likes to hide deep in the fog of the cemetery. He usually comes out to haunt after dark when the full moon shines off his pale skin. Unlike other ghosts, Garvey has vampire-like fangs, and he isn’t afraid to bite. Beware of this boo!

Name: Banks “the bounce” Spider

Appearance: Level 2

The only thing worse than a spider is a spider who knows how to jump, and you can be sure that Banks “the bounce” never skips leg day. Flexing all 8 and charging forward with two horns on top of his head, this little guy isn’t to be trusted. Watch out because he is fast and furious!

a spider-ish monster, with 4 stick legs, 2 cone shaped horns, three closed eyes, and beige fuzzy fur.
round, cartoonish black bat with large eyes and small wings

Name: Radley Bat

Appearance: Level 3

Radley likes to raddle cages and scare the heebie-jeebies out of anyone in his path. Like other bats, his eyes are shot but his teeth are sharp. He has hidden talons at the tips of his wings that can slice and dice with the best of them. Look out Julia Child, there is a new chef in town.

Name: Hazi

Appearance: Level 4

It only takes one look at Hazi, short for “hazardous”, to understand how he earned his name so many years ago. Toxic to the core, he oozes clouds of chemicals that can even penetrate top-of-the-line gasmasks. If he is spotted, it means it’s time to run!

animated gif of cartoonish small child wearing a green onesie costume and opening and closing his mouth, with pointy teeth.

Meet the Developers

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Tami Hughes

After earning her degree from the University of Arizona, she quickly moved up the ranks to a director role in hospitality. It was her passion for learning and a love for Excel that helped her discover a home as a Software Engineer.

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Katie Marie

Pivoting to software from a career in project-based education, Katie fell in love with coding while learning Lego robotics. She enjoys creative problem solving, exploring and discovering, and helping others succeed.